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Your employer can't fire you for filing for workers' compensation

Getting hurt at work is a worst-case scenario for most employees. After all, injured workers often can't stay on the job. That can mean lost income. Even if you do receive workers' compensation, you will only receive a portion of your average wages, not your wages in full. This can have a profound impact on your budget, especially if your injury results in long-term disability.

Facts about SSD benefits

Whether it is through diagnosis of an illness or due to an injury, living with a disability is challenging. While a disabling injury or illness may be new for a person, this does not mean it does not impact a person as much as those born with a disabling condition. The reality is that no matter when a person has become disabled, a disability can make it challenging to care for him or her self or ever maintain a job.

What do Georgia residents need to know about workers' comp?

The workplace means many things to each and every worker. For some, it simply means the environment that they work in to make a living. Others view it as a second home, feeling comfortable and at home at work. No matter where an employee falls on this spectrum, it is essential for workers in Georgia and elsewhere to understand that every work environment has its risks. Whether serious or not, it still means that a workplace accident could occur.

Helping you recover the workers' comp benefits you deserve

When one thinks of a workplace accident, he or she likely thinks of an accident that causes injury; however, the injury is so minor that the worker is only out of work for a few days to recover. While these types of accident do occur, it is important to note that serious work accidents could occur in any industry and at any time.

Can workers' comp be used to address a permanent disability?

When individuals head to work, they often think about what the day will bring. What they need to get done and how busy their workweek will be. What most workers do not consider is the fact that they could suffer a serious work injury or illness. When such an incident occurs, an employee could have his or her life completely turned upside down. A workplace injury could be the reason why a worker is no longer able to work or obtain any form of employment.

The different types of distracted driving

On a daily basis, numerous motorists in Georgia and elsewhere get behind the wheel of motor vehicles. While this is a common activity, as people need to get to work, school, the store and other locations, it is also an activity that carries with it many risks. Drivers don't just simply drive anymore. They play with the radio, talk on their phone, text, eat, drink, put on make-up and talk to passengers. Distracted driving is a very dangerous situation, which is why there are many initiatives to reduce this on the roadways.

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