Helping You Receive Subrogation And Medical Reimbursement

Most of our clients have never heard the term subrogation. Here’s an example in a nutshell:

You were hurt in a car accident. Your health insurance company covered most of your medical bills and your car insurance paid to get your vehicle fixed, but you’re still left with pain and some scars. The other driver was responsible and is forced to pay you in a personal injury claim. Now your own insurance company wants their money back, claiming you owe them for medical reimbursement. What do you do?

Call a lawyer who understands the law and the tricks that insurance companies will try to cut their costs, and who can answer your questions about what insurance subrogation and medical reimbursement are and how they apply in your case.

It Could Have A Real Impact On Your Recovery Following A Serious Accident

At Murphy & Garner, LLC, we’ve been helping accident victims in western Georgia and eastern Alabama recover the full compensation they deserve for their injuries.

Contact us to talk to a respected attorney who can handle the insurance companies when they want medical reimbursement or the money for your damaged vehicle back.

Do I Have To Pay Back The Insurance Company For My Medical Bills?

If your health insurance company covered your injury and you then went on to win a personal injury claim, the insurance company may ask for (or demand) a medical reimbursement.

They will tell you that you owe them the money. What they won’t tell you is that unless you were fully and completely compensated for your injury — unless you were made completely whole again (“made whole doctrine”) — in many cases an experienced attorney can keep them from trying to take your money.

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