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We’re glad you decided to entrust your case to us. We strive to provide all our clients with top-quality customer service.

Murphy & Garner, LLC, Values Statement

  1. We will treat you well. We will treat you the way we would want to be treated. We will show respect, compassion and attentiveness.
  2. We care about you and your future. You are not just a case to us. You are a person who has come to us for help. We will guide you through this unfamiliar territory as we seek justice.
  3. We will listen to you so we can tell your story better. We must know your story before so that we can tell it well.
  4. We will give advice and counsel, but it is your choice whether you heed it. We will give you options, not ultimatums. We will never pressure you to do something against your will.
  5. We will always seek to be helpful, hopeful and hospitable.
  6. We will talk to you. If we are in our office, you will talk to a live person and not a machine. We don’t, and won’t, have phone prompts when you call us.
  7. We will communicate. We will strive to reply to your communications within one business day of receipt. We can call, email, text or meet with you in person.
  8. We will answer your questions. We encourage you to ask questions. There are no silly or stupid questions.
  9. We will plan a strategy for your individual case and discuss it with you. Our firm does not employ cookie-cutter approaches.
  10. We will strive to help victims become victors. If you have been injured or suffer from serious illness, we want your life to be better because you chose us to represent you.
  11. We will keep you informed about the progress in your case.
  12. We will thoroughly prepare your case.
  13. We will be honest with you about our assessment of your case, making sure you know the strengths and weaknesses.
  14. We believe your attorney is responsible for your case. We will utilize paralegals and support staff on your case, but we will never allow them to have primary responsibility for the preparation, negotiation or presentation of your case.
  15. We work for you. We believe it is our job to look after your best interests in the matter you have entrusted to us. We commit to be good stewards of your case, your money, your future and your trust.
  16. We will make every effort to resolve your case out-of-court for what is fair. Our attorneys like going to court, but we know most of our clients don’t.
  17. We will fully explain your options, so you can make the best decision for you about going to trial. We will give you the alternatives, the odds and our opinions.
  18. We won’t disappoint you. We cannot guarantee results, but we do guarantee we will be prepared and present the best case we can. We will also make sure you are prepared for your day in court.
  19. We won’t surprise you. No one likes last minute surprises and we will endeavor to make sure you don’t experience any.
  20. We will not take on more cases than we can adequately handle. We strive to autograph every case with excellence, and you cannot do that if you are spread too thin.
  21. We will always be selective about the cases we accept. If we are representing you, we believe your case has merit. We do not take every case that walks in the door and the courts know this about us. We believe that our good reputation with the courts gives you an edge in close cases.
  22. We will craft sound tactics to achieve your goals for your estate, business or deal.
  23. We will seek swift justice on your behalf. However, we will not jeopardize justice for the sake of swiftness. Full justice often requires time and patience.
  24. We wish to be held accountable. If we fail to live up to our values, please let us know so we can improve.

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