What Clients Are Saying About Murphy & Garner

Steve is one of the most highly respected claimant attorneys in Georgia. Indeed, while I was Chairman of the State Board of Workers’ Compensation in Georgia, he served faithfully on the legislative committee which helped shape legislation for our system. I depended on his wise and inclusive perspective many times. In addition, Steve is one of the better private mediators in Georgia. I would highly recommend my friend, Stephen Garner.

– Rick Thompson
Defense Lawyer and former Chairman Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation

I highly recommend Murphy & Garner. This was my second case where they represented me, and I was completely satisfied. They went to work on my case, kept in touch, answered all my questions, and got good results for me. If I ever need an attorney again, they will be the ones I will call.

– Alma

He went above his duties to get my case solved. Never acted like I bothered him on my numerous phone calls. Greg Christian man who will do you right. My experience with Murphy & Garner was nothing short of amazing and relieving! I had originally went with one of those television attorneys that make big promises for all of your pain and suffering. Unfortunately, after months of waiting and a lot of tedious paperwork, those promises dwindled when my case needed more effort. I decided to call Murphy & Garner and I’m glad that I did. Stephen Garner handled my case. He patiently listened to my grievances and when it was time to fight for me he went above and beyond what I had expected! Not only was I compensated, but it was fair! Murphy & Garner handled my case with dignity and integrity and they proved that they are not only honest but very knowledgeable in their field. If you want someone who will take the time to listen to your concerns and who is trustworthy, I would highly recommend Murphy & Garner. If I ever need help again, Murphy & Garner will be my first stop.

– Chris

I have known Mr. Garner for about 40 years and can without reservation recommend him. After several surgeries and denial of my Social Security Disability, I had no choice but to retain an attorney. Mr. Garner handled my case very professionally and my benefits were approved. I believe him to be a man of not only highest ethical standards but also a very compassionate Christian man. I can think of absolutely no reason if your case is legitimate that Mr. Garner could not do the same for you.

– Garry

I was injured at work and got the usual run around from my employer. Stephen E. Garner was very helpful in getting my situation settled in a timely manner. I didn’t know my options before consulting Mr. Garner. As it turns out I needed a second surgery and the company doctors were not cooperating. Long story short Mr. Garner got me all the help I needed as far as my injury and a pretty good settlement. I believe if it wasn’t for Mr. Garner, the company I worked for would’ve just give me a run around.

– Benjamin

He went above his duties to get my case solved. Never acted like I bothered him on my numerous phone calls. Greg Christian man who will do you right.

– Shane

Mr. Garner was an absolute pleasure to work with. He is very knowledgeable about the law, my case, and the court we would be attending. He answered all my questions and I felt confident with him representing me. He was informative about what to expect, what not to expect and made me feel less anxious about the whole experience. Once in court he was very organized, prepared and ready to take care of the business at hand. I would highly recommend Mr. Garner for anyone who needs a very experienced attorney.
His staff is also very friendly and ALWAYS willing to do whatever they can to help you. The communication between the office and myself was fantastic. I was beyond satisfied with the business I had with them. I would highly recommend Murphy & Garner to anyone in need of an attorney.

I work in a profession that deals with multiple attorney offices. I wish more of them were as pleasant as this one!!


– Stephen

I have worked on cases with Stephen for over twenty years now. Stephen is an intelligent, honest and diligent attorney. He always returns my calls promptly and is honest with me about his position on our cases and his client’s conditions. I have used Stephen as a mediator on cases too with success. I highly respect and admire Stephen!

– Kathryn

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