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5 things to know about SSDI

Suffering an injury or developing a health problem that keeps you from working is difficult. For a lot of us, our identities tie into our career. When you can't go to your job, you may feel upset or confused.

But help is available. The U.S. government has designed Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) to aid you in your time of need. Though you've likely heard of SSDI, you may not know what it's all about.

What is compassionate allowance?

We all worry about our health; however, we tend to be the most concerned when our health is not at its greatest. Hearing that you've been diagnosed with a serious illness is emotional news to process. Not only is it hard to take it but it is also challenging to accept what life will be like while he or she fights it by initiating treatment. However, in cases of severe medical conditions, individuals in Georgia and elsewhere may question how the treatment will impact them overall, as it may make it impossible for them to return to work.

What is compassionate allowance? The Social Security Administration recognizes that some medical conditions are so serious that it is clear that it qualifies a person for Social Security disability benefits. The compassionate allowance program is like the fast track towards SSD benefits. Because some of these illnesses are so severe, this may cause an individual to have a limited time left. The wait for SSD benefits can be lengthy at times, which could cause some to obtain these benefits too late.

Girl struck by driver while playing outside home

Automobiles can travel in a wide range of areas in Georgia and other states across the U.S. Whether a motorist is traveling on an interstate, highway, city street, rural road or residential area, he or she is expected to know their surroundings and drive safely. Failure to uphold this duty could result in a collision. And when a motorist is negligent or reckless behind the wheel, a serious motor vehicle collision could ensue.

According to recent reports, a nine year old was struck by a vehicle. This young girl was in her family's yard in the metro Atlanta area when a car came barreling into their yard. Reports indicated that she is in critical condition, suffering a skull fracture, a broken pelvic bone and other internal injuries.

Working long hours impacts work-related depression in women

Whether an individual in Georgia or elsewhere loves their job or not, work-related stress can be experienced from time to time. Maybe an employee is dealing with a demanding project, deadlines are approaching or it is simply the time of year when there are a lot of personal and professional items on his or her plate.

While stress is a normal thing to experience, severe work-stress can turn into a larger issue. Employees battling work-related depression can find it challenging to go to work each day. This ultimately can make the matter debilitating for the worker, causing one to be unable to work for a period of time. In these matters, it may be beneficial to explore options related to Social Security disability.

What causes distracted driving?

We all experience a time when life gets busy, overwhelming and exhausting. This can cause a person to determine ways to cram as much as possible into a day. Multi-tasking can often help with this, and one place when some individuals in Georgia and elsewhere seek to accomplish this is the vehicle. However, multi-tasking while driving is risky, as it leads to distracted driving. Distractions can come in many forms and is the source of many automobile accidents every year.

Because driving requires focus, as soon as a driver fails to maintain focus behind the wheel this could cause the car to travel out of its lane, travel too fast or even collide with the vehicle in front of the driver. When a driver decides to look down at a phone or takes their eyes off the road due to another type of distraction, this could cause a car crash.

Seeking compensation after a car crash

When motorists in Georgia and elsewhere get in their vehicles, they do not often think about the potential dangers and hazards associated with driving. For the most part, drivers are focused on the road and getting to where they are going. Unfortunately, the minds of some drivers are on other things. Distractions can occur in the vehicle, causing drivers to take their eyes off the road, hands off the wheel and mind of the task of driving.

Distracted driving is a major concern on roadways across the nation, and when drivers and occupants in Bremen are injured by a distracted driver they need somewhere to turn for help and answers. At our law firm, we are dedicated to helping car accident victims through this difficult time.

Qualifying for SSD benefit for a mental health condition

A sudden injury or illness can set individuals back. This may not be for the short term either, as some medical issues could leave individuals disabled. Because it can be a sudden and shocking event, some are unsure what can be done to address these matters. This is what Social Security disability benefits are designed to do, and could be the very reason individuals living with a disability due to an injury or medical condition are able to meet his or her basic living needs.

Disabilities look different from person to person. Additionally, not all disabilities can be seen visually. Some individuals suffer silently, as he or she is dealing with a mental health disability. A person suffering from a mental illness could obtain SSD benefits if he or she is suffering from a qualifying illness. This can includes disorders such as Schizophrenia, autism, mental retardation, depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder.

Second fatal pedestrian accident in Columbus in 2 months

In Georgia and other states across the nation, motorists and pedestrians can co-exist. Whether it is by vehicle or by foot, individuals find their way to get around. In places where pedestrians frequent, drivers are expected to use caution and uphold his or her duty to drive safely. Unfortunately, when this duty is breached due to distractions, negligence, recklessness or intoxication, this could result in a serious or fatal pedestrian collision.

According to recent reports, a pedestrian was struck and killed on Veteran's Parkway in Columbus. This is the second fatal pedestrian accident in this location in a two-month period, giving rise of safety concerns for pedestrians. The recent victim was a 58-year-old male, who was struck just north of 23rd Street.

How can workers' compensation help injured or ill workers?

No matter what profession one works in, when a worker is injured on the job or suffers a work-related illness, it can be extremely detrimental for the worker. They are no longer able to work because of their injury or illness. In addition to not earning any wages, the worker is also dealing with medical bills, ongoing treatment and even rehabilitation. This can become an overwhelming situation, causing some workers to seek out assistance to understand their options.

How can workers' compensation help injured or ill workers? To determine if these benefits are available to you, eligibility must be established. There are two main factors used to determine eligibility. First, you must be an employee, and second, you must have suffered an injury or illness as a result of your employment. While these factors help establish eligibility, this does not guarantee it, as an employee must have been in compliance with workplace rules and regulations at the time of the incident.

Movement may help car accident brain injuries heal

Among the most devastating injuries you can sustain in a car accident is a brain injury. It can leave you with lost memories, physical impairments and mental impairments. You may see your entire personality change. You may lose basic skills -- walking or talking, for instance -- or senses like smell and sight.

Worst of all, these injuries may not heal. Some do, yes, but many brain injuries never do, at least not completely. The impact is permanent. You may have to deal with this for the rest of your life.

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