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Unfortunately, we cannot control the actions of others. This means that when we get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, we can only control how safe we drive. This also means that when a motorist in Georgia and elsewhere is negligent, distracted or intoxicated, the other travelers they encounter are put at a heightened risk. An automobile collision can be a very serious incident, resulting in severe damages, serious injuries and even death.

All drivers are tasked with driving safely and following the rules of the road. While this is well-known, some motorists still decide to speed, text and drive and even drive while intoxicated. No one is invincible; thus, when a car crash does occur, it may be possible to hold a negligent driver accountable for their wrongdoings.

Wrong-way driver goes through nine barriers before head-on crash

Getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle means taking on responsibilities. For motorists in Georgia and elsewhere, that means taking on the responsibility and having the duty to drive safely. Despite having this duty, some drivers fail to do so by ignoring certain rules of the road. Whether it is speeding, texting and driving or driving while intoxicated, a negligent driver could suddenly collide with an unsuspecting motorist, resulting in a serious and even fatal crash.

According to recent reports, a head-on crash occurred in Henry County in the express lanes on I-75. Preliminary reports suggest that a driver went through nine barriers before entering the express lane on I-75 going in the wrong direction. This resulted in a head-on crash. A third vehicle then collided with the struck vehicle from behind.

What are the evidentiary requirements for SSD claims?

Realizing that you're a suffering from a disabling injury or condition is tough. A person can go from one day feeling fine and being able to do the day-to-day activities to the next day being in pain and unable to care for him or herself. This impairment can go further, causing the individual to no longer work. This can significantly disrupt a person's life, as this can alter his or her ability to pay for basic living needs.

When applying for Social Security disability benefits, an applicant needs to complete the necessary application and include any and all required documentation. It is the details and evidentiary support that allows an applicant to obtain approval for these benefits. Thus, it is important to make sure an application is carefully filled out and complete.

Does depression qualify for Social Security disability?

You suffer from clinical depression. It's gotten worse over the years. While you know that many people still have trouble understanding exactly how this works or how bad it can be, you know all too well that it can keep you from working. Many days, you struggle just to wake up in the morning. It's truly an illness, and it is very hard to overcome.

If you cannot work, can you qualify for Social Security disability? Maybe you already worked for years or even decades, but it's becoming impossible. You know that programs exist for those who get sick or injured, but you just do not know if your depression qualifies.

Fact regarding SSD benefits

A sudden injury or a medical diagnosis can really shake up a person's life. This is especially true when an injury or illness is so severe that it completely impacts a person's ability to lead a normal life. In these cases, it may be challenging to hold down a job and mange to pay the necessary bills. In these matters, it can be vital to apply for Social Security disability benefits.

Applying for SSD benefits may seem like a simple and straightforward process. Nonetheless, it is a process that many individuals have trouble initiating and working through, as it is clear many applicants are initially denied. Because of this, it is important to be informed about the process and what one can do to make it easier on them.

Helping you hold a negligent driver accountable

Despite the campaigns and general knowledge that distracted driving is dangerous and is the reason for serious and fatal accidents, many motorists in Georgia and elsewhere still do it. With technology being very important in our everyday lives, it is hard to shut it off. This is especially true when individuals are on their way to work and need to answer calls, texts and emails. While it is important to take care of business matters, behind the wheel of a motor vehicle is not the place. When a distracted driving is the cause of a crash, victims can suffer significantly. These victims can also take steps to hold this driver accountable for their negligence.

Whether it is considered a severe collision or a fender bender, accident victims can suffer a wide range of injuries and damages. This can include cuts, bruises, whiplash, broken bones, facial scarring, injuries to the back, neck or spinal cord, loss of a limb, brain injury or even death. And with medical bills piling up, an accident victim may need to take time to recover. This means taking time away from work, causing lost wages as well.

How serious of a problem is distracted driving?

Motorists in Georgia and elsewhere often find themselves having a busy schedule. While this is fairly common these days, causing many to multi-task to get through the day, this does not mean that multi-tasking is safe in any setting. While driving, motorists must focus on the task at hand. Unfortunately, some drivers seek to make a phone call, check an email or send a text. While these might seem like simple and minor acts, they could easily be the cause of a serious and even fatal crash.

How serious of a problem is distracted driving? With regards to motor vehicle accidents in general, these are among the top two causes of injury death in a person's lifetime. Car accidents are also the number one cause of work-related deaths. When looking at current data, since 1994, it was found that between 32,800 and 43,500 people have died.

Georgia law enforcement concerned about distracted driving

Let's face it; if all drivers drove safely, there would not be any car accidents. However, drivers speed, fail to use a turn signal, do not always use their mirrors and check blind spots, make risky turns, drive intoxicated and will drive distracted. These negligent and reckless behaviors behind the wheel can easily be the cause of a crash, causing much concern for individuals and law enforcement in Georgia and other states in general.

A recent report indicates that law enforcement in Thomas County has seen a steep increase in distracted driving. When looking at the recent fatalities occurring on the roadways over the past few weeks, law enforcement has stressed the importance of keeping one's eyes on the roadway while driving.

Your employer can't fire you for filing for workers' compensation

Getting hurt at work is a worst-case scenario for most employees. After all, injured workers often can't stay on the job. That can mean lost income. Even if you do receive workers' compensation, you will only receive a portion of your average wages, not your wages in full. This can have a profound impact on your budget, especially if your injury results in long-term disability.

Sadly, many employers are skeptical of, or angry toward, workers who file workers' compensation claims. In some cases, workers who legitimately get hurt on the job end up facing discrimination or retaliation from their employers for connecting with the benefits that they deserve. Employers know that retaliation against workers' compensation claimants is illegal, but some of them continue to engage in the practice, anyway.

Facts about SSD benefits

Whether it is through diagnosis of an illness or due to an injury, living with a disability is challenging. While a disabling injury or illness may be new for a person, this does not mean it does not impact a person as much as those born with a disabling condition. The reality is that no matter when a person has become disabled, a disability can make it challenging to care for him or her self or ever maintain a job.

According to the Social Security Administration, 56 million Americans live with disabilities. In other words, that is roughly 1 in 5 Americans. Of these, 38 million disabled Americans are living with a severe disability. This equates to 1 in 10 Americans. These disabilities can impact the young and old and could be something one is born with or acquired later in life. No matter the cause of the disability; however, it can cause a person to suffer financial harm because of medical care and the inability to work.

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