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Are workers' compensation benefits the same for all injuries?

Everyone deserves the right to a safe workplace. Many employers in Bremen are conscientious of their employees' health and well-being, taking precautions to help keep anyone from getting injured on the job. But, far too many falls short of this goal. And, either way, workplace accidents and injures will happen sooner or later -- sometimes with catastrophic results.

Employees with catastrophic injuries from their jobs are in a unique situation. They may find themselves asking: does the severity of a workplace injury affect what kinds of benefits are available through the Georgia workers' compensation system? We'll take a look at the answer to this question below, with the information intended to be general in nature and not specific legal advice.

Fatal accident at Georgia shipping facility

Accidents can happen on the job in just about any industry. However, when workers must maneuver around and in between large vehicles every day, the likelihood of someone getting injured on the job increases, as does the chance of a serious or even fatal injury.

For a recent example of this, one need only look to a UPS facility in Atlanta. A worker at that site, a man in his early fifties, had been with the company for 17 years. Trailers were docking for unloading during the afternoon shift. The worker was standing on the ground level as a trailer approached a dock door, struck him and ran over him. He died from injuries suffered in the accident.

Understanding Social Security Disability

Social Security Disability pays benefits to you if you suffer a disability and cannot work. Some members of your family may also benefit from SSDI if you qualify. You must have worked long enough to qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance.

Social Security Disability Insurance isn't something that other taxpayers end up subsidizing. It's not the same as some other forms of benefits. You can only qualify for SSDI in certain circumstances, like if you've worked for the last five years and paid enough money into the system. SSDI works a little like a long-term savings account that kicks in if you're disabled and unable to work, but there are some things you should know.

What not to do after a car crash with a tractor-trailer

The professionals at Murphy and Garner, LLC have been representing truck accident victims in Bremen for more than three decades, and we know what victims should do -- and what they shouldn't do -- after an accident. As we discussed recently here on our Bremen personal injury law blog, the challenges associated with car accidents can be multiplied many times over when one of the vehicles involved is a tractor-trailer.

First of all, don't let a negligent truck driver get away without calling the police. Obviously, police can take accident scene photos and eyewitness accounts which may prove invaluable to you later in a personal injury lawsuit. They can also detect whether a truck driver is fit to be driving. If the truck driver is intoxicated or drowsy from driving longer hours than legally permitted, not only will the police account or DUI test be further evidence on your behalf, but the police will keep the truck driver from getting back behind the wheel and causing another accident.

Tractor-trailer crash injures multiple passengers in Georgia

A crash involving a passenger vehicle and a tractor-trailer is a shocking and often fatal event. A tractor-trailer is a significantly larger vehicle, weighing tons more than a car, making it more difficult to stop or turn suddenly and also more likely to cause serious injuries and death upon impact. A tractor-trailer accident is also more complicated, legally speaking, than a typical car accident.

Not far from Bremen, one tractor-trailer accident injured multiple victims on a recent Monday morning. A passenger van carrying a total of four people was driving through an intersection with a green light, according to multiple passengers in the van. Suddenly, a tractor-trailer collided with the van.

Denied Social Security: the basics of filing an appeal (Part 3)

We'll continue our discussion of the disability claims process with a look at what can happen after an initial appeal, or reconsideration, is denied. The information is intended to be general in nature only, and not as specific legal advice for any Bremen resident's individual situation.

Once a reconsideration has been denied, the next option available in pursuing a claim for Social Security Disability is to request that an administrative law judge hear your case. You'll need to gather all of the evidence you'd like the judge to review; you may also have witnesses provide testimony on your behalf at the hearing. The judge may also ask expert witnesses to testify on medical or other issues.

Guiding you through the SSD application process

We all like to plan and prepare for the future, but the reality is that we cannot always prepare for everything life throws at us. We cannot predict whether or not we will suffer a serious injury or illness. And we certainly cannot expect that these injuries or illnesses could be debilitating. Nonetheless, many individuals in Georgia and other states across the nation face this unfortunate reality. Additionally, the injury or illness they are currently suffering has become so disabling that he or she is unable to work. This can take a huge toll on the individual financially as well as physically, mentally and emotionally.

The Social Security Administration designed the Social Security disability program as a means to help individuals in these situations. While it can be a challenging matter to experience, applying for these benefits could be just what one needs to overcome the financial burdens caused by a disability.

Don't go through car accident recovery alone

You've most likely set out on the open road countless times without any incident. Unfortunately, not all trips end that way. There are a number of elements on the road that are out of your control and these can lead to severe situations such as a car accident.

With modern technology, there are more distractions for motorists than ever before. With cell phones, navigations systems, stereo systems, and more begging for our attention every second we're in a car, it's no wonder why car accidents are an unfortunate reality. Such incidents can leave their victims with serious injuries or, tragically, even take the lives of our loved ones.

Coping with a traumatic injury is similar to coping with death

While some car accidents are minor and fall into the fender-bender category, others can be absolutely catastrophic. For example, an accident with a large commercial truck in Bremen can end in paralysis for the victim in the passenger vehicle. When an individual suffers such a life-changing injury, the aftermath can present unique challenges, not only for the victim, but for friends and family members as well. The coping process that the victim goes through is often very close to the same process that people go through when a loved one dies.

Understanding the various stages of coping can help you relate and react to a loved one who has suffered a great physical loss due to an accident. Read further to find out more about the coping stages that often accompany a traumatic injury.

Denied Social Security: the basics of filing an appeal (Part 2)

When the Social Security Administration denies a claim for benefits -- something most applicants will experience at least once -- an appeal is the next step. Once a Bremen resident has gathered medical documentation to support the contention that Social Security Disability benefits were denied incorrectly, it's time to submit the appeal.

The important factor in submission is timing. The appeal must be submitted within 60 days of receiving the initial denial. The SSA will calculate this by adding 5 days to the date of their denial letter (assuming mail generally takes around 5 days to reach the recipient). If the deadline is missed for a good reason, it may still be allowed, but absent such a reason late requests will not be accepted and starting the process over with a new claim would be the only option.

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