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Workplace injuries may take time to become obvious

You assume a workplace injury will be obvious almost instantly, and that it will be easy to document and prove.

For instance, your boss tells you that you cannot wear any fall protection gear while working on a roof because it would take too long to get the gear and put it on. Your boss insists it is a 10-minute job and sends you up the ladder with nothing. You slip and fall, giving yourself a concussion -- a traumatic brain injury -- and a broken arm. Five people watch you fall and you head straight to the hospital, where you get plenty of medical records to show how badly you got hurt.

Motorcyclists killed in Georgia motor vehicle collision

Riding on a motorcycle can be an enjoyable time. For individuals in Georgia, it is possible to travel by this small vehicle. Even when the weather is not the warmest, die-hard riders can be seen on all types of roadways. Therefore, Georgia motorists tend to be on the lookout for motorcyclists year-round. These small vehicles can easily go unnoticed, causing some drivers to collide with them because they failed to check their mirrors, look at their blind spots and yield to oncoming motorcyclists.

According to recent reports, a fatal motorcycle crash occurred in Forsyth County. The collision involved a motorcycle and a sedan at the intersection of Peachtree Parkway and Sharon Road. The crash occurred when the 64-year-old motorcyclist was traveling North on Peachtree Parkway. When a biker approached the intersection with Sharon Road, a sedan traveling southbound on Peachtree was preparing to make a left turn onto Sharon road. The sedan proceeded to make the left turn in front of the approaching motorcyclist, resulting in a collision between the two.

What is emotional distress?

A Georgia automobile collision is shocking. It can cause a victim to feel frozen, seeing the event in slow motion and only being able to focus on the pain he or she is suffering. Pain and damages are likely to follow a car accident. However, this type of loss can extend beyond the physical injuries one can see with their naked eye. Car accident victims could also suffer emotionally.

What is emotional distress? This occurs when an individual experiences mental anguish following a traumatic event, such as a car crash. This type of damage is part of pain and suffering damages and occurs when the actions of another person caused the victim to suffer mental harm. This can come in a variety of forms, including anguish, humiliation, anxiety, insomnia and depression.

Helping apply for and secure SSD benefits

Unfortunate events can befall anyone at any moment. While it is possible to overcome these downfalls, others can result in more permanent challenges. A sudden injury or onset of an illness could limit individuals in Georgia and elsewhere. In some cases, these limitations could make it impossible to obtain or maintain a job. The inability to work can present many challenges for individuals. It can be nearly impossible to meet basic living needs without a steady income. This is where it could be extremely beneficial to apply for Social Security Disability (SSD).

SSD benefits might be necessary. However, the application process can deter some individuals. Because the process can seem daunting, and applicants fear getting denied, disabled individuals may put off applying for disability benefits. At Murphy & Garner, LLC, our attorneys can sympathize with this matter. No one wants to be told no. But, no one wants to lose out on their chance to receive these necessary benefits.

How do you prove the inability to work for SSD benefits?

No matter one's age, living with a disability is challenging. While some individuals in Georgia and elsewhere are able to utilize accommodations and resources to help them live a normal life, others are unable to do so because of the severity of the disability and how the disability specifically impacts his or her life. Being unable to work can significantly impact the life of individuals, causing it to be necessary to seek Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits.

While most do not think that they could be disabled at any moment, the reality is that the average 20-year-old worker has a one-in-four chance of becoming disabled before he or she reaches retirement age. Thus, this makes SSD benefits something to understand, as it might be needed because of a sudden disabling injury or illness. This is especially true because SSD benefits replace part of one's income if they are disabled and unable to work.

Will self-driving technology save pedestrian lives one day?

A self-driving vehicle killed a pedestrian in Arizona recently, and it has caused a lot of questions to surface about the safety of driverless cars. For example, are autonomous vehicles safe for testing on the road? Should we wait before allowing self-driven automobiles to mix with regular traffic? And, most importantly, do these vehicles pose a threat to pedestrians?

In spite of these questions, experts on the topic of self-driving technology continue to support the notion that -- even if self-driving cars aren't perfectly safe yet -- they will be infinitely safety than human-driven cars at some point in the near future.

Car accident injuries and damages suffered

As Georgians accumulate more hours behind the wheel, they increase their exposure to risks. Car accidents happen every day. Whether it is negligence, recklessness, intoxication or distractions, no one can expect complete safety. However, when a car crash occurs, victims are left overwhelmed.

It can be challenging for car accident victims to navigate life immediately following the incident. Not only is the pain and suffering caused by the crash intense, but the medical bills piling up can be tremendous. In fact, the damages arising from a car accident can be overall life changing. Thus, it is important for accident victims to understand what kinds of damages they might suffer and what they could recover in a personal injury action.

Georgia construction worker dies in work site accident

Going to work on a weekly basis is common for most residents in Georgia and elsewhere. While some industries pose more dangers than others, many workers are aware of the apparent risks in the industry they work in. Take construction for example, this career is known to present many dangers because of the machinery worked with and frequency of workers working at height. Thus, if safety requirements are not met, workers could face suffer serious and even fatal injuries.

According to recent reports, a Georgia construction worker was fatally injured after a constructions site accident occurred at a Kia site in West Point. Based on reports, the 47-Year-old man was working for subcontractor and was erecting steel the morning of the accident. Following the accident, the worker was transported to the hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

The dangers of drowsy driving

While most drivers travel to and from work during normal business hours, running errands in the afternoon or evening hours, this does not mean they are well rested. Fatigued driving is often associated with motorists that travel during the night, but the reality is that a driver could be fatigued at any point of the day. This is all dependent on the amount of sleep a person gets and if they are able to operate a vehicle safely.

Drowsy driving is a growing concern. Since it is considered just as or even more dangerous than drunk driving, there is a need to understand this issue and ways to address it. A drowsy driver is a dangerous individual on the road, as they are not fully attentive and may not be able to keep their eyes open while operating a motor vehicle.

Can you receive SSD benefits when you work abroad?

Nowadays, it is common for workers in Georgia and elsewhere to take on work outside of their state, even outside of the country. While this opens a person up to a work of opportunities, working abroad for a multi-national corporation could have its setbacks. What if you are injured while you are working in a different country? What is this injury causes you to suffer a disability?

Can you receive SSD benefits for an injury caused while working abroad? The answer to this question is that it depends. Specifically, a person must be working for a company that is multinational and has ties with the U.S. Additionally, that country must have a Social Security agreement. An exception to the rule is a self-employed person working abroad. So long as the host country is listed, this eliminated the need for dual coverage.

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