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August 2018 Archives

One killed in two-car crash in Georgia

When automobile collisions occur, an investigation is initiated. This process helps determine why the accident happened. By looking at the factors that contributed to the crash, authorities seek to establish what caused the crash and what role any of the parties involved played. When negligence is clearly a factor, this could help victims of the crash or the loved ones of a deceased victim fully understand what rights and legal recourses they might have.

6 incredible facts about U.S. car accidents

Car accidents plague modern society, regardless of technological advancements and safety devices. Plenty of car commercials tell you about crash test ratings, airbags, backup cameras, early warning systems, and a host of other features, but news reports counter it by telling you about accidents, injuries and fatalities.

Study indicates drowsy driving is as dangerous as drunk driving

While many motorists are able to drive safely, others fail to uphold this duty each time they are behind the wheel of a vehicle. When a driver is distracted, reckless or intoxicated, this could create a very dangerous situation. However, this is not the only form of danger, as a driver could create a risky situation by getting behind the wheel when they are fatigued or drowsy.

What are common occupational diseases?

Going to work is a fairly routine act for individuals in Georgia and elsewhere. One does not often think about the harms one might face if he or she is heading to an office, school, store or other similar work atmospheres. When people work in a mine, construction sites, factories or mills, they are no doubt aware of the risk of injury at the workplace. However, injuries aren't all workers need to worry about. Workers at all kinds of jobs should be away of the dangers of occupational illness.

Helping you through the SSD application and appeals process

Suffering a sudden injury is a shocking situation. One is never prepared to deal with the aftermath of a serious accident, especially if it results in a disabling condition. Whether it is temporary or long-term, it can be challenging to adapt. A disabling injury can cause a person to significantly alter his or her life, even causing a person to no longer work. This can cause much devastation and financial pain.

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