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December 2017 Archives

Tractor-trailer crash injures multiple passengers in Georgia

A crash involving a passenger vehicle and a tractor-trailer is a shocking and often fatal event. A tractor-trailer is a significantly larger vehicle, weighing tons more than a car, making it more difficult to stop or turn suddenly and also more likely to cause serious injuries and death upon impact. A tractor-trailer accident is also more complicated, legally speaking, than a typical car accident.

Denied Social Security: the basics of filing an appeal (Part 3)

We'll continue our discussion of the disability claims process with a look at what can happen after an initial appeal, or reconsideration, is denied. The information is intended to be general in nature only, and not as specific legal advice for any Bremen resident's individual situation.

Guiding you through the SSD application process

We all like to plan and prepare for the future, but the reality is that we cannot always prepare for everything life throws at us. We cannot predict whether or not we will suffer a serious injury or illness. And we certainly cannot expect that these injuries or illnesses could be debilitating. Nonetheless, many individuals in Georgia and other states across the nation face this unfortunate reality. Additionally, the injury or illness they are currently suffering has become so disabling that he or she is unable to work. This can take a huge toll on the individual financially as well as physically, mentally and emotionally.

Coping with a traumatic injury is similar to coping with death

While some car accidents are minor and fall into the fender-bender category, others can be absolutely catastrophic. For example, an accident with a large commercial truck in Bremen can end in paralysis for the victim in the passenger vehicle. When an individual suffers such a life-changing injury, the aftermath can present unique challenges, not only for the victim, but for friends and family members as well. The coping process that the victim goes through is often very close to the same process that people go through when a loved one dies.

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