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Guiding you through the SSD application process

Upon entering adulthood, most individuals in Georgia and elsewhere have plans for their future. That may be obtaining and education, entering the workforce, saving money, buying a home and even starting a family. No matter what a person's plan is, there is one thing that is likely not part of that plan, and that would be suffering a disabling injury. While we cannot predict the future and completely protect ourselves from all accidents, when a serious accident occurs, we are often shocked and ill prepared by the aftermath.

What is a repetitive stress injury?

For some employees in Georgia and elsewhere, the workdays tend to flow together. He or she is required to do the same of similar tasks, making it feel like they are reliving the same day over and over again. For some workers, this constant routine works very well for them; however, for others, it poses some challenges. Nevertheless, when a worker not only does the same tasks at work but is required to do the same motions in the workplace, this could open up the possibility of suffering an injury because of this repetitive motion.

Helping you take action following a car crash

Unfortunately, we cannot control the actions of others. This means that when we get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, we can only control how safe we drive. This also means that when a motorist in Georgia and elsewhere is negligent, distracted or intoxicated, the other travelers they encounter are put at a heightened risk. An automobile collision can be a very serious incident, resulting in severe damages, serious injuries and even death.

Wrong-way driver goes through nine barriers before head-on crash

Getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle means taking on responsibilities. For motorists in Georgia and elsewhere, that means taking on the responsibility and having the duty to drive safely. Despite having this duty, some drivers fail to do so by ignoring certain rules of the road. Whether it is speeding, texting and driving or driving while intoxicated, a negligent driver could suddenly collide with an unsuspecting motorist, resulting in a serious and even fatal crash.

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