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July 2018 Archives

Distracted driving remains a concern on the roadways

Driving in a motor vehicle is likely in our daily lives. Whether it is you driving the vehicle or you are riding as a passenger, individuals in Georgia and elsewhere take to the road on a daily basis. This isn't supposed to be a scary commute though, as it is a way for individuals to enjoy the open road, listen to music and even have time to him or herself. Unfortunately, some drivers take on too much while they are driving. Multi-tasking while driving is dangerous, as being distracted while operating a motor vehicle is considered riskier than drinking and driving.

What are your rights after a SSD denial?

When life brings about a difficult situation, one likely has many questions. Whether its because of an accident or an illness, suffering from a disability can impact a person's life in many way. Not only must an individual adapt his or her life but one must also find ways to address the growing financial issues associated with this situation. A disability can mean the inability to work. And when that occurs, a disabled individual may apply for Social Security disability benefits. Unfortunately, many initial applications are denied, making it vital to explore potential appeal options.

SSD program costs may be declining

No one expects to get so seriously injured that they are deemed disabled; however, it is comforting to know that he or she has options if such a horrible and tragic situation occurs. It is well known that Social Security disability programs area available to Americans living with disabilities. It is also well known that the funds for these programs are being depleted, with a potential end date only a few decades away. Thus, it is important to stay on top of eligibility requirements to get these often necessary funds.

Unsafe working conditions and workers' comp

There are a wide variety of work environments. Depending on the industry an individual works in, he or she might work at a desk, in a factory, on the road, in a lab, at a hospital or at a construction site. No matter what type of work environment an employee works in, however, the work environment is expected to be safe. In fact, unsafe working conditions could be the cause of a serious work injury or illness, causing a worker to require medical care and treatment.

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