Workers’ Compensation Attorneys You Can Trust

If you have received a WC104 — the form that notifies you that your temporary total disability benefits under workers’ compensation will be reduced or revoked — you need to talk to a lawyer immediately. Additionally, if you have received a WC2, notifying you that your benefits will be suspended, you will need to consult an experienced attorney.

Our attorneys have the knowledge and skill to fight for you all the way through the hearing and appeals process and can help you explore additional options such as filing a personal injury claim if someone other than your employer was responsible for your accident.

What We Can Do For Injured Workers

We handle a full range of workman’s comp claims, such as:

  • Serious work injury from falling equipment, supplies or merchandise
  • Construction accidents like falls and injury caused by heavy equipment
  • Industrial accident at a textile factory or other facility
  • Lifting injuries
  • Repetitive motion injury like carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Car accident while you were working, including state troopers hurt in an accident
  • Any on-the-job injury for which your employer can be held liable

Murphy & Garner, LLC is known statewide for its representation of injured Georgia workers seeking workers’ compensation.

Credentials That Count

Stephen Garner has been the chairman of the legislative subcommittee of the advisory council of the state board of workers’ compensation since 1992. He helped put together compromise legislation that is serving as a model for other states.

He also has been a member of the Workers’ Compensation Claimants Lawyers section of the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association since 1988, serving on the executive committee from 1988 to 2002 and was chairman in 1989. And he has served on the Governor’s Workers’ Compensation Review Commission (2001) and the Governor’s Workers’ Compensation Advisory Commission (2002).

Experienced Representation · Free Consultation

All these impressive credentials mean one thing — Stephen Garner knows workers’ comp. Call the Bremen, Georgia, law firm of Murphy & Garner, LLC at 678-563-1584 now to get the immediate assistance of an experienced workers’ comp lawyer who can answer your questions and fight to get your revoked or reduced benefits reinstated. You can also email us now to request a free consultation.

Warning: In Georgia, workers’ compensation and Social Security Disability benefits may offset each other. Combined benefits from these sources cannot exceed 80 percent of your average income before your injury put you out of work. Only an experienced attorney can help you pursue real options, such as settling the worker’s compensation case with specific language and prorating benefits over your lifetime to eliminate or decrease this offset.