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August 2016 Archives

Let's Talk Damages: What Can You Be Awarded In Your Georgia Car Accident Lawsuit?

After an injury caused by someone else's negligence, you are usually entitled to compensation. What this means, however, is different in every case. Depending on the circumstances of your accident or injury, there may be several types of compensation--also known as damages--which you may be able to pursue.

Allergens And Allergic Reactions At School: What You Should Know

Allergens, or any substance that induces an allergy or causes an allergic reaction, can be found practically everywhere. From dander off cats, dogs and other common pets, to common food products like peanuts, fruits and dairy products - even over the counter medications and grass can cause allergic reactions. And the results can be quite serious. Allergens can cause simple itching, or can lead to aspiration and death if not treated immediately. And when it comes to your children, the schoolhouse can be filled with allergens. This is particularly scary, because you may not even be aware that your kids have an allergy until they start having an allergic reaction. Here's a basic look at preparing for and dealing with allergens on school grounds.

Tips For Navigating Construction Zones Safely

In Georgia, highway construction zone accidents occur more frequently than you might expect. Nationwide, approximately 1,100 people die in these car accidents every year and about 75,000 are seriously injured or hurt. Here are a few tips to stay safe when traveling through highway construction zones. 

Finding The Right Personal Injury Attorney: Things to Consider

There are many things to take care of following your personal injury accident. Aside from seeking medical treatment for your injuries, you will likely need to deal with insurance claims adjusters and be faced with many decisions. One of the first decisions that you need to make is selecting the right personal injury attorney to represent you and guide you through the litigation process. Here are some helpful hints for choosing the right attorney. 

Medicaid, Medicare And Your Car Accident Claim

No one wants to be involved in a car accident. And no one wants to deal with the repercussions of a collision, especially. This time can be particularly arduous and intimidating - dealing with insurance claims adjusters, obtaining medical treatment and, of course, the medical bills that come along with it. And these bills can be quite expensive. If the other driver was at fault for your car accident, then typically his or her insurance company will be required to pay for your medical treatment. You may be able to use your own health insurance, too, if you did not sign paperwork waiving your right to do so. For others, you may be able to receive government assistance (Medicaid, Medicare or Tricare coverage) to help cover your medical expenses.

Simple Facts Everyone Should Know About Insurance Claims Adjusters

After a car accident, you will likely need to speak with, at a minimum, one insurance claims adjuster to report the collision and your damages. Before you do so, however, you should know a few things about most, if not all insurance claims adjusters.

FDA Raises Awareness On The High Risks of Vaginal Mesh Implants

In the past two years, there has been a significant increase in the number of physical injuries to and even death of Georgia women who have implanted vaginal mesh implants. As a result, there has also been a spike in the number of personal injury lawsuits filed against vaginal mesh implant manufacturers. 

Advantages of Contingent Attorney's Fees

When your personal injury attorney informs you that they work on a contingent fee basis, this means that he or she gets paid if, and only if, he or she recovers monetary damages for you. This also means your lawyer will be compensated in proportion to the total amount of damages you are awarded.

Types Of Insurance Claims You Can Make Following Your Georgia Car Accident

Every year, millions of Americans are involved in some type of auto accident. According to statistics, the average driver will file a car insurance claim once every 18 years. This means that you are likely to be involved in a car accident at least three or four times in your lifetime.

7 Safety Tips For Hiking Around Waterfalls 

Many hikers enjoy hiking to beautiful waterfalls. I am one of those hikers. Earlier this year, I hiked to Hemlock Falls, Cherokee Falls and Minnehaha Falls (pictured here) in the North Georgia mountains. In early September, I have another hike planned to Latourell Falls, a spectacular 249-foot waterfall near Portland, Oregon.

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