In Georgia, highway construction zone accidents occur more frequently than you might expect. Nationwide, approximately 1,100 people die in these car accidents every year and about 75,000 are seriously injured or hurt. Here are a few tips to stay safe when traveling through highway construction zones. 

Slow Down & Be Patient

Even on the highway, slow down when traveling in construction zones to a speed that allows you to maintain control of your vehicle and stop suddenly, if necessary. Though you never want to exceed the speed limit in a construction zone (speeding fines are usually doubled in these areas), consider driving under the speed limit so that you can be more aware of and avoid any machinery or construction workers on the roadway.

Be Alert

Highway construction zones are unpredictable. Without warning, traffic can slow, speed-up and completely stop without much, if any, warning. Construction workers, equipment and debris can fly into the roadway unexpectedly, and construction zone warning signs can creep up on you fast and can surprise you if you are not looking for them. When passing through construction sites, you always want to stay alert and minimize distractions.   

Merge Promptly

Often times, construction work on the highway leads to lane closures. By moving into the open lane(s) as early and quickly as possible helps maintain the flow of traffic and will prevent you from becoming ‘stuck’ at the lane closure. When switching lanes, always use your turning signals and be cautious of drivers who are not paying attention.

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