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November 2017 Archives

Denied Social Security: the basics of filing an appeal (Part 2)

When the Social Security Administration denies a claim for benefits -- something most applicants will experience at least once -- an appeal is the next step. Once a Bremen resident has gathered medical documentation to support the contention that Social Security Disability benefits were denied incorrectly, it's time to submit the appeal.

Denied Social Security: the basics of filing an appeal (Part 1)

Recently we spent some time on our blog discussing disabled individuals' eligibility for federal assistance. The criteria generally have to do with one's inability to work. However, when an initial application for Social Security Disability has been submitted, there is a strong chance it will be denied. Most applications are denied at least once. We'll take some time over the next few blog posts to help our Bremen readers understand why claims get denied, and what they can do about it. This is intended as general information only, and not specific legal advice.

Changes coming to SSD benefits next year

Many Bremen residents rely on federal assistance due to a disability that prevents them from working. Those who do meet the requirements to collect Social Security Disability, or SSD benefits, will want to understand how a number of changes to the program in 2018 may impact them.

Social Security appeals are taking longer than usual

The trauma and stress that comes with disability is a difficult, life-altering and scary experience, especially considering the financial consequences of disability. This is why the government created social security disability benefits. Unfortunately, a person experiencing disability may have a claim denied. When a claim is denied, the aggrieved may file an appeal to challenge the denial. Recent news indicates that the appeal process may be more difficult than ever.

My worker's compensation claim was denied; what can I do?

A workplace injury can be both painful and stressful. If you have been injured at work, you may be wondering what to do about medical expenses and lost wages. You may even be worried about reporting the injury to your employer. Fortunately, if a person was injured on the job, they can pursue worker's compensation. Worker's compensation was designed to address an injured worker's medical expenses, but it can be a difficult and time-consuming process, especially if the claim has been initially denied.

Are you eligible for Social Security Disability benefits?

Illness, injury, sickness and trauma can occur at almost any time, and when they do, the sick or injured often lose the ability to work and provide for their families. The inability to work can be devastating and disheartening. Thankfully, we have Social Security Disability to assist the injured and the sick in some circumstances.

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