What happens if I get injured in an accident while driving for my job?

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Injuries on the job happen in many ways. When they do, people often need medical and rehabilitative services to fully heal. In the state of Georgia, workers can receive workers’ compensation benefits of up to two-thirds of their average weekly salary, or a maximum of $675 per week, to help cover costs.

Sometimes, understanding the details of these benefits can be confusing. For example, what happens when work-related injuries involve a motor vehicle accident? If you were recently injured while driving for your job, you may qualify for workers’ comp, depending on your circumstances.

When you were driving matters

If you sustained injuries in a car accident that occurred on your way to or from work, the law typically considers this private time. On the other hand, if you were delivering pizzas or moving equipment for your employer when the crash happened, this is time on the job. As such, injuries in the latter situation would likely fall under workers’ compensation eligibility, while those from the former scenario usually would not.

Other factors to consider

Not all vehicle accidents are the same. Depending on what happened, you may also qualify for compensation beyond workers’ comp. For example, consider who is liable for the crash. If another driver slammed his or her car into your while you had the right-of-way, there may be other legal routes to pursue in addition to worker benefits.

Regardless of how an accident occurs, documenting everything can be beneficial for building your case. Try to record the details of who, what, where, when, why and how as soon as possible.

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