What are common repetitive injuries at work?

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Putting in long hours at work may result in injuries that come on slowly. When something that begins as an ache becomes debilitating, you may wonder if it has anything to do with your job. 

A repetitive injury may occur to just about anyone. However, The Hartford notes that some professions seem more vulnerable than others. Recognize this type of work-related injury so you may find relief quicker. 


Working on a construction site is one of the riskiest jobs around. The exposure to heights, falling debris and other hazards make an injury more plausible in construction than almost any other profession. 

Even if you maintain a careful eye on your surroundings to avoid most of these types of injuries, you may fall victim to a repetitive one. These injuries occur when you commit the same movements without sufficient variation or breaks. In construction, the use of hand tools like drills or nail guns may result in repetitive injuries to the wrists, shoulders and elbows. 

Office administration 

An office is a relatively safe place to work, but that does not mean you are not in danger of suffering an injury. Repetitive injuries are more common in an office environment where people sit and utilize keyboards for hours on end. Carpal tunnel syndrome has the highest rate of occurrence in those people whose job consists mostly of typing. Poor posture and improper placement of fingers on the keyboard may account for the higher rate of injury. 

When your job causes pain, even due to repetitive use, you may have the right to help from the workers’ compensation insurer. A medical report may begin the process of recovery. 

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