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What are considered unsafe working conditions?

There is risk in practically anything Bremen residents choose to do with their time. They may risk falling when they walk down their driveways to pick up their newspapers, or they may risk experiencing a car accident when they get behind the wheels of their cars and drive to the store. In most cases, the possible risks that may threaten a person's safety are far outweighed by the desire and need to accomplish certain tasks, and so individuals undertake them. The same holds true for individuals who work outside of their homes in order to earn wages.

All jobs can pose risks to the people who serve in them, from construction workers using heavy machinery to office workers who push paper throughout their days. However, no matter what a people do for employment, it is on the employers to provide them with safe conditions to perform their tasks. State and federal laws mandate that employers take steps to keep their workers safe from hazards that may threaten their safety and lives.

For example, employers who keep hazardous materials on their sites are required to properly contain and label them to prevent workers from having unintended exposures to the chemicals. Employers must maintain the machines and equipment that their employees use to avoid incidents involving faulty tools. Additionally, employers have to provide their employees with protective gear and the right training to ensure that workers whose safety may be put in danger have the right equipment and knowledge to do their jobs both safely and effectively.

When employers fail in these and other ways, it is possible that workers may be subjected to unsafe working conditions. A worker who fears for his or her safety has rights and may choose to report the issue to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Workers who have been harmed in workplace accidents due to unsafe working conditions may wish to consider speaking with workers' compensation attorneys about their legal rights.

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