In the past three months, ten people have been killed along the I-16 near Savannah, Georgia in chain-reaction crashes (pile-ups), most of them involving large semi-trucks. In an effort to deter and catch dangerous drivers as well as prevent future fatal collisions, Governor Deal has publicly announced that there will be a significant increase in the number of highway safety officers on Georgia roadways.

The Georgia Department of Public Safety along with the Georgia Port Authority are teaming-up to add, at a minimum, 60 commercial vehicle enforcement officers. These officers will be focusing on areas that have been deemed particularly hazardous for truck drivers and passenger vehicles, such as the I-16, I-95, the Atlanta metro area, and part of the I-85 just south of Atlanta.

The focus on preventing trucking accidents in particular comes as no surprise, as semi-trailers and large trucks are the leading cause of highway pile-ups and have the ability to crush multiple vehicles in one accident when traveling at highway speeds. This is why it is important for drivers who share the road with large trucks to be extra diligent.

Whenever you are driving near a large truck, you should:

· – Never cut-off or abruptly change lanes in front of a large truck;

· – Avoid driving in the truck’s blind spots (directly in front and in back of the trailer, and alongside the back of the trailer);

· – Remain a few car lengths behind the trailer;

· – Leave extra space between you and the trailer on hills and in poor weather conditions;

· – Remember that if you cannot see the truck’s side-view mirrors, the truck driver cannot see you, and;

· – Notify law enforcement if you observe a truck driver behaving suspiciously or erratically.

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