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Should mom and dad be behind the wheel?

It can be tough to watch your parents age. As you become an adult yourself, you can relate to their struggles. Your mom and dad were the ones who raised you. They nurtured you and cared for you. They taught you some of your first skills. When you became a teenager, they taught you how to drive. These may be fond memories. Perhaps you laugh about them now as a family. Your mom and dad are your mentors. It can be tough to witness them struggle.

As your mom and dad age, you may worry about their abilities to do tasks that once were simple. One major task that might be worrisome is driving. Your mom’s eye sight isn’t what it used to be. Dad’s hearing seems to be getting worse. These aspects make you worry about their abilities to drive safe. According to the Prevention, nearly 40 million people over the age of 65 were licensed to drive in 2015. People over the age of 85 are at the highest risk for being involved in fatal crashes.

What are considered unsafe working conditions?

There is risk in practically anything Bremen residents choose to do with their time. They may risk falling when they walk down their driveways to pick up their newspapers, or they may risk experiencing a car accident when they get behind the wheels of their cars and drive to the store. In most cases, the possible risks that may threaten a person's safety are far outweighed by the desire and need to accomplish certain tasks, and so individuals undertake them. The same holds true for individuals who work outside of their homes in order to earn wages.

All jobs can pose risks to the people who serve in them, from construction workers using heavy machinery to office workers who push paper throughout their days. However, no matter what a people do for employment, it is on the employers to provide them with safe conditions to perform their tasks. State and federal laws mandate that employers take steps to keep their workers safe from hazards that may threaten their safety and lives.

Reasons why Social Security disability claims are denied

Individuals who cannot work due to disabilities may be eligible for Social Security disability benefits. However, in order for a person to qualify and receive benefits he or she must first fill out and submit an application. Mistakes, omissions and disqualifying information included on a Georgia resident's disability benefits paperwork may lead to the individual receiving a denial of benefits letter from the Social Security Administration.

While mistakes and omissions may be remedied with relative ease, overcoming disqualifying information may not. For example, the Social Security Administration has a specific definition for "disability." If a person's ailment does not meet that definition or does not last as long as is necessary to qualify the person for benefits then the application may be rejected.

What are my rights as a worker?

Employment is both a blessing and a curse for many Georgia residents. Although it provides them with the money they need to have fun, pay their bills and support their loved ones, it also takes time away from their other commitments and may inflict stresses upon them that stem from their work-related responsibilities. While most people experience times of satisfaction and times of frustration with their work situations, no workers should ever feel as though their safety is in danger when on the job. This post will examine some of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's (OSHA's) workers' rights that, if disregarded by employers, could lead to workplace injuries and accidents. Victims of these often preventable incidents are encouraged to consider discussing their possible workers' compensation claims with attorneys who work in the relevant field.

Under OSHA rules, workers have rights that protect their safety and ensure that they cannot be retaliated against for wanting to better understand the potential threats that exist in their places of employment. For example, a worker has the right to see copies of workplace injury and illness logs as well as reports that may provide him or her with information on hazards in the workplaces. Employees have the right to be kept away from hazardous chemicals and to be trained to do their jobs in the languages they speak.

A hit-and-run car accident can pose challenges for victims

It is common practice after a vehicle accident to exchange information with the other drivers involved so that the parties may be in touch with each other and may contact their insurance companies to inquire into how their policies might reimburse them for their losses. However, in some car accidents, victims may find themselves alone after their crashes if the responsible drivers leave the scenes of the incidents. Hit-and-run accidents happen throughout Georgia, and this post will touch on some of the ways these types of accidents can pose difficulties for victims.

As with any type of vehicle crash, though, individuals involved in hit-and-run collisions should prioritize their physical well-being over other accident-related concerns. Any injuries that victims suffer should be addressed by medical professionals and victims should maintain documentation of their doctor visits, hospitalizations, and other accident-related medical paperwork so that it may be offered as evidence of their losses.

How does the Social Security Administration define disability?

Holding down a stable job and earning an income that supports one's family are badges of honor for many Bremen residents. Although work can be tough, and not always the most desired activity for a person to engage in, many people are proud of the tasks they complete for their employers and the contributions that they make when performing the responsibilities of their occupations.

Unfortunately, though, not everyone who wants to work can work. This is because some individuals suffer from physical and mental disabilities that prevent them from being able to work in a gainful way. Under the disability benefits program through the Social Security Administration, however, qualifying individuals may be able to receive financial support that helps them live their lives despite their inabilities to perform work-related tasks.

3 tips to help increase the chances you’ll receive SSDI benefits

While Social Security benefits are guaranteed to eligible workers, Social Security disability benefits are not. In fact, Social Security disability benefits can be difficult to receive. Only 32% of applicants in 2016 were awarded benefits.

Because the Social Security Administration has such stringent requirements for awarding disability benefits, it’s critical that you’re fully prepared heading into your hearing. Taking the following actions can help you increase the chances of getting the benefits you deserve.

Truck driver arrested after fatal highway accident

All drivers are responsible for maintaining control over their vehicles when they take them out on Georgia roads and highways. That includes the drivers of large trucks, big rigs, delivery vans, and other commercial vehicles. Recently, a major incident occurred on a Georgia highway that was caused by the dangerous conduct of a truck driver.

The accident happened on Georgia Highway 316 and involved eight vehicles, total. Six cars were involved in the crash, as well as one van and the one large truck. During the incident, the driver of the truck failed to stop his rig in time and drove into the cars in front of him. His rig stopped on top of one of the cars and that car caught fire. The driver of that vehicle, a 61-year-old woman, died as a result of her injuries.

We represent work accident victims

A job is a means of providing for one's family. It keeps the roof over the heads of the people a person loves and food on the table for those who depend on them to provide for their needs. But, sadly, every day Georgia residents are hurt while performing their job-related duties and the wages and compensation that they so desperately need to keep their families afloat is put into danger.

Work accidents can happen in a number of ways. They may occur if an employee is given the wrong equipment by their employer to do the job that is asked of them. It can happen if the employee is not properly trained to do what they are mandated to do. They can also develop over time if a worker is subjected to unsafe or unhealthy working conditions that cause their health and wellness to deteriorate.

Three behaviors that increase the risk of a child auto fatality

The Southern way of life is a comfortable one that can entail casual evening strolls and lounging on the front porch with a tall glass of sweet tea. Taking care of family is important, and children are cherished. While we take care to keep our children safe, data has shown an alarming fact: children in the South are far more likely to die from a car accident than those in the North.

Why is there a geographical difference in car accident fatalities for children?

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