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Georgia construction worker dies in work site accident

Going to work on a weekly basis is common for most residents in Georgia and elsewhere. While some industries pose more dangers than others, many workers are aware of the apparent risks in the industry they work in. Take construction for example, this career is known to present many dangers because of the machinery worked with and frequency of workers working at height. Thus, if safety requirements are not met, workers could face suffer serious and even fatal injuries.

Are workers' compensation benefits the same for all injuries?

Everyone deserves the right to a safe workplace. Many employers in Bremen are conscientious of their employees' health and well-being, taking precautions to help keep anyone from getting injured on the job. But, far too many falls short of this goal. And, either way, workplace accidents and injures will happen sooner or later -- sometimes with catastrophic results.

My worker's compensation claim was denied; what can I do?

A workplace injury can be both painful and stressful. If you have been injured at work, you may be wondering what to do about medical expenses and lost wages. You may even be worried about reporting the injury to your employer. Fortunately, if a person was injured on the job, they can pursue worker's compensation. Worker's compensation was designed to address an injured worker's medical expenses, but it can be a difficult and time-consuming process, especially if the claim has been initially denied.

Workers' compensation may be available for your work injury

American workers suffer injuries from a variety of different accidents and incidents that occur on-the-job. Some are hurt when they suffer falls, and others suffer injuries when they are crushed or hit by moving vehicles and machinery while performing their job duties. Accidents befall Georgia workers while they are undertaking their work responsibilities and when those incidents happen they can find themselves out of work and without pay.

What are considered unsafe working conditions?

There is risk in practically anything Bremen residents choose to do with their time. They may risk falling when they walk down their driveways to pick up their newspapers, or they may risk experiencing a car accident when they get behind the wheels of their cars and drive to the store. In most cases, the possible risks that may threaten a person's safety are far outweighed by the desire and need to accomplish certain tasks, and so individuals undertake them. The same holds true for individuals who work outside of their homes in order to earn wages.

What are my rights as a worker?

Employment is both a blessing and a curse for many Georgia residents. Although it provides them with the money they need to have fun, pay their bills and support their loved ones, it also takes time away from their other commitments and may inflict stresses upon them that stem from their work-related responsibilities. While most people experience times of satisfaction and times of frustration with their work situations, no workers should ever feel as though their safety is in danger when on the job. This post will examine some of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's (OSHA's) workers' rights that, if disregarded by employers, could lead to workplace injuries and accidents. Victims of these often preventable incidents are encouraged to consider discussing their possible workers' compensation claims with attorneys who work in the relevant field.

We represent work accident victims

A job is a means of providing for one's family. It keeps the roof over the heads of the people a person loves and food on the table for those who depend on them to provide for their needs. But, sadly, every day Georgia residents are hurt while performing their job-related duties and the wages and compensation that they so desperately need to keep their families afloat is put into danger.

When should I see legal counsel in filing my workers' comp claim?

A carpenter working in commercial construction slices open his hand while using a circular saw that has malfunctioned. He is rushed to the emergency room, where a physician stitches up his hand and recommends a visit with an orthopedic surgeon. The surgeon has bad news: The cut was deep, and caused massive nerve damage. The doctor will have to operate immediately to repair the damage and ensure the carpenter can regain full use of the hand. It could take months to heal. The carpenter supports his wife and children - and he's worried.

Tips For Navigating Construction Zones Safely

In Georgia, highway construction zone accidents occur more frequently than you might expect. Nationwide, approximately 1,100 people die in these car accidents every year and about 75,000 are seriously injured or hurt. Here are a few tips to stay safe when traveling through highway construction zones. 

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