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How can workers' compensation help injured or ill workers?

No matter what profession one works in, when a worker is injured on the job or suffers a work-related illness, it can be extremely detrimental for the worker. They are no longer able to work because of their injury or illness. In addition to not earning any wages, the worker is also dealing with medical bills, ongoing treatment and even rehabilitation. This can become an overwhelming situation, causing some workers to seek out assistance to understand their options.

City worker killed in workplace accident

Going to work is common for Georgia residents, but going to work fearful that he or she will suffer serious and even fatal injuries is not as common. While there are some industries that are known to be dangerous, workers are still under the impression that proper safety steps have been taken to reduce the chances of a serious workplace accident.

Helping you get the workers' comp that you deserve

When individuals in Georgia and elsewhere leave their home and head to work, they expect to return home in the same condition. In other words, employers do not expect to experience harms in the workplace, resulting in injuries, illness or even a disability. Unfortunately, any workplace could pose risks to workers, making it important for workers in all industries to explore their rights and options after suffering harm on-the-job.

What is a repetitive stress injury?

For some employees in Georgia and elsewhere, the workdays tend to flow together. He or she is required to do the same of similar tasks, making it feel like they are reliving the same day over and over again. For some workers, this constant routine works very well for them; however, for others, it poses some challenges. Nevertheless, when a worker not only does the same tasks at work but is required to do the same motions in the workplace, this could open up the possibility of suffering an injury because of this repetitive motion.

What do Georgia residents need to know about workers' comp?

The workplace means many things to each and every worker. For some, it simply means the environment that they work in to make a living. Others view it as a second home, feeling comfortable and at home at work. No matter where an employee falls on this spectrum, it is essential for workers in Georgia and elsewhere to understand that every work environment has its risks. Whether serious or not, it still means that a workplace accident could occur.

Helping you recover the workers' comp benefits you deserve

When one thinks of a workplace accident, he or she likely thinks of an accident that causes injury; however, the injury is so minor that the worker is only out of work for a few days to recover. While these types of accident do occur, it is important to note that serious work accidents could occur in any industry and at any time.

Can workers' comp be used to address a permanent disability?

When individuals head to work, they often think about what the day will bring. What they need to get done and how busy their workweek will be. What most workers do not consider is the fact that they could suffer a serious work injury or illness. When such an incident occurs, an employee could have his or her life completely turned upside down. A workplace injury could be the reason why a worker is no longer able to work or obtain any form of employment.

What are common occupational diseases?

Going to work is a fairly routine act for individuals in Georgia and elsewhere. One does not often think about the harms one might face if he or she is heading to an office, school, store or other similar work atmospheres. When people work in a mine, construction sites, factories or mills, they are no doubt aware of the risk of injury at the workplace. However, injuries aren't all workers need to worry about. Workers at all kinds of jobs should be away of the dangers of occupational illness.

Unsafe working conditions and workers' comp

There are a wide variety of work environments. Depending on the industry an individual works in, he or she might work at a desk, in a factory, on the road, in a lab, at a hospital or at a construction site. No matter what type of work environment an employee works in, however, the work environment is expected to be safe. In fact, unsafe working conditions could be the cause of a serious work injury or illness, causing a worker to require medical care and treatment.

OSHA violations and workplace accidents

Even when all precautions are taken and all safety rules are followed, workplace accidents can still occur. However, some workplace incidents happen because safety regulations are not complied with. When an employer fails to uphold these regulations, this not only means that they will face penalties for their violations, but it also means workers could be harmed by this negligence.

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