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Helping you through the SSD application and appeals process

Suffering a sudden injury is a shocking situation. One is never prepared to deal with the aftermath of a serious accident, especially if it results in a disabling condition. Whether it is temporary or long-term, it can be challenging to adapt. A disabling injury can cause a person to significantly alter his or her life, even causing a person to no longer work. This can cause much devastation and financial pain.

What are your rights after a SSD denial?

When life brings about a difficult situation, one likely has many questions. Whether its because of an accident or an illness, suffering from a disability can impact a person's life in many way. Not only must an individual adapt his or her life but one must also find ways to address the growing financial issues associated with this situation. A disability can mean the inability to work. And when that occurs, a disabled individual may apply for Social Security disability benefits. Unfortunately, many initial applications are denied, making it vital to explore potential appeal options.

SSD program costs may be declining

No one expects to get so seriously injured that they are deemed disabled; however, it is comforting to know that he or she has options if such a horrible and tragic situation occurs. It is well known that Social Security disability programs area available to Americans living with disabilities. It is also well known that the funds for these programs are being depleted, with a potential end date only a few decades away. Thus, it is important to stay on top of eligibility requirements to get these often necessary funds.

How can workers address lost wages because of a disability?

It is not uncommon to suffer minor injuries and illnesses. We all get a cold from time to time, and we all suffer a stubbed toe or hurt limb from bumping into things. These minor injuries are almost expected in the home and work environment. However, they require little to no recovery time and likely do not impact a person's ability to work on a larger scale. On the other hand, a major illness or injury could significantly impact a person's ability to work, as this situation likely makes it difficult to care for him or herself in general. Thus, it is important to explore what options are available in matters where individuals are unable to work because of a serious illness or injury.

Helping recover SSD benefits

No Georgian expects to be impacted by a disability. Unfortunately, disabilities can be acquired later in life due to illness or injury. While it is hard to process this situation, the reality is that a disability could impact a person's life in many ways. It can be challenging to get around, do daily tasks and even hold down a job. This is where Social Security disability benefits can be very valuable, as they provide necessary benefits to help cover basic living needs.

Helping apply for and secure SSD benefits

Unfortunate events can befall anyone at any moment. While it is possible to overcome these downfalls, others can result in more permanent challenges. A sudden injury or onset of an illness could limit individuals in Georgia and elsewhere. In some cases, these limitations could make it impossible to obtain or maintain a job. The inability to work can present many challenges for individuals. It can be nearly impossible to meet basic living needs without a steady income. This is where it could be extremely beneficial to apply for Social Security Disability (SSD).

How do you prove the inability to work for SSD benefits?

No matter one's age, living with a disability is challenging. While some individuals in Georgia and elsewhere are able to utilize accommodations and resources to help them live a normal life, others are unable to do so because of the severity of the disability and how the disability specifically impacts his or her life. Being unable to work can significantly impact the life of individuals, causing it to be necessary to seek Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits.

Can you receive SSD benefits when you work abroad?

Nowadays, it is common for workers in Georgia and elsewhere to take on work outside of their state, even outside of the country. While this opens a person up to a work of opportunities, working abroad for a multi-national corporation could have its setbacks. What if you are injured while you are working in a different country? What is this injury causes you to suffer a disability?

Can I receive SSD benefits for a mental health disorder? (Part 2)

We'll follow up our recent discussion on benefits for mental health impairments with a look at how these disorders are assessed. The information is intended to be general in nature only and not specific legal advice for anyone seeking support.

Can I receive SSD benefits for a mental health disorder? (Part 1)

A disabling mental condition, as many Bremen residents can attest, can be as much a barrier to employment as a physical one. Indeed, sometimes it may prove even more of a barrier, as workplaces are often able (and even required) to offer accommodations for physical disabilities to a greater extent than they are for mental health issues.

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