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The different types of distracted driving

On a daily basis, numerous motorists in Georgia and elsewhere get behind the wheel of motor vehicles. While this is a common activity, as people need to get to work, school, the store and other locations, it is also an activity that carries with it many risks. Drivers don't just simply drive anymore. They play with the radio, talk on their phone, text, eat, drink, put on make-up and talk to passengers. Distracted driving is a very dangerous situation, which is why there are many initiatives to reduce this on the roadways.

One killed in two-car crash in Georgia

When automobile collisions occur, an investigation is initiated. This process helps determine why the accident happened. By looking at the factors that contributed to the crash, authorities seek to establish what caused the crash and what role any of the parties involved played. When negligence is clearly a factor, this could help victims of the crash or the loved ones of a deceased victim fully understand what rights and legal recourses they might have.

Study indicates drowsy driving is as dangerous as drunk driving

While many motorists are able to drive safely, others fail to uphold this duty each time they are behind the wheel of a vehicle. When a driver is distracted, reckless or intoxicated, this could create a very dangerous situation. However, this is not the only form of danger, as a driver could create a risky situation by getting behind the wheel when they are fatigued or drowsy.

Distracted driving remains a concern on the roadways

Driving in a motor vehicle is likely in our daily lives. Whether it is you driving the vehicle or you are riding as a passenger, individuals in Georgia and elsewhere take to the road on a daily basis. This isn't supposed to be a scary commute though, as it is a way for individuals to enjoy the open road, listen to music and even have time to him or herself. Unfortunately, some drivers take on too much while they are driving. Multi-tasking while driving is dangerous, as being distracted while operating a motor vehicle is considered riskier than drinking and driving.

Helping car accident victims seek compensation

We read about them in the news, we drive by them in our vehicles and we may even know some one that has been in one. An automobile collision may seem like an every day thing that happens to other people, but the reality is that any driver is at risk of being involved in a car accident. Thus, when a person's world is turned upside down when a sudden car accident occurs, it is important that the victim wraps his or her head around the situation.

Victim in critical condition following head-on crash in Georgia

Driving a motor vehicle might seem like a routine activity. For some, it could feel almost monotonous, as it occurs on a daily basis. Despite these feelings, driving is a privilege that comes with major responsibilities. Due to a vehicles size, weight and ability to travel at high speeds, it can be a deadly device. Thus, motorists are required to follow the rules of the road and drive safely. Whether it is traveling hundreds of miles on a long stretch of road, in a major city, residential area or on the highway, drivers are required to remain attentive no matter their speed or maneuver. Failing to do so could result in a serious automobile collision.

Motorcyclists killed in Georgia motor vehicle collision

Riding on a motorcycle can be an enjoyable time. For individuals in Georgia, it is possible to travel by this small vehicle. Even when the weather is not the warmest, die-hard riders can be seen on all types of roadways. Therefore, Georgia motorists tend to be on the lookout for motorcyclists year-round. These small vehicles can easily go unnoticed, causing some drivers to collide with them because they failed to check their mirrors, look at their blind spots and yield to oncoming motorcyclists.

What is emotional distress?

A Georgia automobile collision is shocking. It can cause a victim to feel frozen, seeing the event in slow motion and only being able to focus on the pain he or she is suffering. Pain and damages are likely to follow a car accident. However, this type of loss can extend beyond the physical injuries one can see with their naked eye. Car accident victims could also suffer emotionally.

Car accident injuries and damages suffered

As Georgians accumulate more hours behind the wheel, they increase their exposure to risks. Car accidents happen every day. Whether it is negligence, recklessness, intoxication or distractions, no one can expect complete safety. However, when a car crash occurs, victims are left overwhelmed.

The dangers of drowsy driving

While most drivers travel to and from work during normal business hours, running errands in the afternoon or evening hours, this does not mean they are well rested. Fatigued driving is often associated with motorists that travel during the night, but the reality is that a driver could be fatigued at any point of the day. This is all dependent on the amount of sleep a person gets and if they are able to operate a vehicle safely.

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