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Will self-driving technology save pedestrian lives one day?

A self-driving vehicle killed a pedestrian in Arizona recently, and it has caused a lot of questions to surface about the safety of driverless cars. For example, are autonomous vehicles safe for testing on the road? Should we wait before allowing self-driven automobiles to mix with regular traffic? And, most importantly, do these vehicles pose a threat to pedestrians?

Understanding Social Security Disability

Social Security Disability pays benefits to you if you suffer a disability and cannot work. Some members of your family may also benefit from SSDI if you qualify. You must have worked long enough to qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance.

Coping with a traumatic injury is similar to coping with death

While some car accidents are minor and fall into the fender-bender category, others can be absolutely catastrophic. For example, an accident with a large commercial truck in Bremen can end in paralysis for the victim in the passenger vehicle. When an individual suffers such a life-changing injury, the aftermath can present unique challenges, not only for the victim, but for friends and family members as well. The coping process that the victim goes through is often very close to the same process that people go through when a loved one dies.

Should mom and dad be behind the wheel?

It can be tough to watch your parents age. As you become an adult yourself, you can relate to their struggles. Your mom and dad were the ones who raised you. They nurtured you and cared for you. They taught you some of your first skills. When you became a teenager, they taught you how to drive. These may be fond memories. Perhaps you laugh about them now as a family. Your mom and dad are your mentors. It can be tough to witness them struggle.

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