3 common signs of aggressive driving

When drivers allow their emotions to get the best of them, aggressive driving can pose a serious risk to other drivers as well as pedestrians. The Insurance Information Institute states that previous studies have shown aggressive driving in more than half of deadly car crashes. Knowing the signs of an aggressive driver can help you spot these drivers and keep yourself safe from accidents or altercations.

1. Speeding

Often, speeding is the first sign of aggressive driving. These drivers either intentionally disobey speed limits or let their aggression drive them to become impatient. Disobeying the speed limit can make their vehicles more difficult to control.

2. Failing to follow traffic laws

Just as aggressive drivers can fail to obey the speed limit, they may also disrespect other laws. Some drivers make lane changes or turns without signaling. Some may disobey traffic signs or stop lights, failing to make full stops when required. Still others might make illegal U-turns or other changes of course. This failure to follow traffic laws puts you at serious risk of an accident.

3. Tailgating

Aggressive drivers often crowd other vehicles, sometimes because the driver is impatient to pass a car in front of them. In other cases, they pull close to the bumper of the vehicle in front of them to intimidate other drivers into pulling over so or moving to a different lane. This improper follow distance makes a vehicle difficult to stop appropriately, putting cars at risk of a rear-end collision and injuries like whiplash.

What to do if you share the road with an aggressive driver

Angry drivers may not limit their aggression to their driving. Some may leave their car, attempt to start a fight or other aggressive acts that could impact your safety. If you see signs of aggressive driving or if you have been in a crash with an aggressive driver, avoid confronting them directly. Instead, contact the authorities and keep yourself safe.

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