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What is compassionate allowance?

We all worry about our health; however, we tend to be the most concerned when our health is not at its greatest. Hearing that you've been diagnosed with a serious illness is emotional news to process. Not only is it hard to take it but it is also challenging to accept what life will be like while he or she fights it by initiating treatment. However, in cases of severe medical conditions, individuals in Georgia and elsewhere may question how the treatment will impact them overall, as it may make it impossible for them to return to work.

What is compassionate allowance? The Social Security Administration recognizes that some medical conditions are so serious that it is clear that it qualifies a person for Social Security disability benefits. The compassionate allowance program is like the fast track towards SSD benefits. Because some of these illnesses are so severe, this may cause an individual to have a limited time left. The wait for SSD benefits can be lengthy at times, which could cause some to obtain these benefits too late.

For the most part, the conditions included on the list for this program are certain types of cancers, adult brain disorders, as well as rare disorders suffered by children. If an applicant is suffering from one of the conditions listed, he or she does not have to go through the process of proving he or she is eligible for benefits. This helps ensure that applicants get the financial assistance they require.

Those living with a serious medical condition should take the time to understand what options they might have. The application process may seem intimidating; however, it is possible to seek legal guidance during the application process. Furthermore, if one is initially denied benefits, it is possible to appeal this decision.

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