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Georgia law enforcement concerned about distracted driving

Let's face it; if all drivers drove safely, there would not be any car accidents. However, drivers speed, fail to use a turn signal, do not always use their mirrors and check blind spots, make risky turns, drive intoxicated and will drive distracted. These negligent and reckless behaviors behind the wheel can easily be the cause of a crash, causing much concern for individuals and law enforcement in Georgia and other states in general.

A recent report indicates that law enforcement in Thomas County has seen a steep increase in distracted driving. When looking at the recent fatalities occurring on the roadways over the past few weeks, law enforcement has stressed the importance of keeping one's eyes on the roadway while driving.

This does not just mean not looking down oat a phone while driving, but also fully paying attention to the surrounding area. An off duty officer noted that he would observe motorists at a light, rushing through it when it turned yellow and still rushing through it when it turned red. This is not only a matter of distracted driving, but also this need to rush felt by many drivers. Some may think it is worth the risk to avoid waiting three minutes; however, many times when a driver travels through a yellow or red light, an accident ensues.

Whether it is distracted driving or reckless driving, serious and even fatal accident could result. Those harmed in such an accident should take the time to understand cause. This means exploring factors that might have contributed to the accident, such as texting while driving or speeding. This information could help with the pursuit of a personal injury action and the recovery of compensation and losses.

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