When we go to work, we have certain expectations about our day and time in the work environment. For starters, we expect our day to be filled with work tasks. We also expect that we are safe in the workplace. Whether it is an office building, factory or construction site, employees are a certain expectation when it comes to their health and safety. When this falls short, an unexpected accident could occur, injuring an employee.

What is an employer responsible for following a workplace injury? For the most part, most employees are covered by workers’ compensation when a workplace injury occurs. These laws do not cover workers such as railroad workers and independent contractors, however. In order to determine if these laws cover an injury, one needs to establish that the injury was work-related.

What does it mean to suffer a work-related injury? This means that the injury occurred while the employee was doing their work duties or some activity on behalf of their employer. One should not that this also includes attended company parties, picnics and other social events sponsored by an employer but not necessarily at the workplace.

Even if an employee was disregarding workplace safety rules, it is still possible to recover workers’ compensation for injuries suffered in the workplace. Workers’ compensation benefits are used to help address losses arising from a workplace injury. This often include medical ills, rehabilitation and lost wages. If you believe that you have suffered from a workplace injury, it is important to understand your rights and how to initiate your claim for these benefits.