Heat-related conditions can be fatal for some workers

by | Jun 1, 2018 | Firm News

Workers who are out in the heat have to be careful that they don’t fall victim to heat stroke or exhaustion. There are many different professions that require workers to do their job duties in the heat. Some factories, such as those that produce glass, might be very hot. Jobs that are outside, such as construction work or farm work, can also leave people out in the heat.

When the temperatures start to heat up, all of these workers need to make sure that they are taking steps to remain hydrated and as cool as possible. The employers of these individuals need to ensure that they are providing the necessary items for workers to avoid these potentially fatal conditions.

Temperature and heat index

The heat index is one of the primary things that workers and employers should look at when they are determining working conditions for the work site. This index takes the actual temperature and the humidity into account to come up with what the temperature will feel like to the human body. The higher the heat index, the greater chance that workers will suffer from a heat-related condition.

Risks for heat-related conditions

Some job conditions increase the risk of a worker suffering from heat stress. These include having to wear bulky clothing items or hats since they prevent the body from being able to release heat in the same way as it would without these items on. Peoples’ ability to tolerate heat might change as they get older, so even a person who has been doing a job for a decade or two might suddenly have an adverse reaction to the heat.

Having to work in an area without air movement can also lead to a worker suffering from a heat-related condition. Not being able to get to the shade and having to do strenuous work can lead to problems that might cause heat exhaustion or stroke.

Problems that come from heat-related conditions

There is a chance that heat-related conditions can be fatal if they aren’t addressed right away. When victims survive, there is a chance that their cognitive abilities and other functions might be altered. There is also a chance that they will be unable to return to their previous job duties. In some cases, the victim of this condition might have to file for Social Security Disability Insurance or workers’ compensation to make ends meet.

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