Did you know: Year to year, Georgia ranks about #7 in highway fatalities. That’s over 1,000 souls taken on our roads and thoroughfares.

The single most deadly road in the U.S. is I-285, the beltway looping around Atlanta.

Most lives are lost near the larger cities, but highway deaths happen here in Haralson and Carroll Counties as well, along I-20 into Atlanta and elsewhere.

One other surprising figure: 55 percent of the fatal crashes in Georgia are single-car accidents. No other party was involved.

Why so many fatalities?

You know what the most common situations are. Accidents may be drug or alcohol-related. Big rigs and other trucks cause tremendous damage when they come in contact with another vehicle at high speed.

The other driver may be asleep at the wheel or distracted by something, such as a cellphone or sandwich. The same factors can happen to the person who is killed.

Wrongful deaths

At Murphy & Garner, an essential part of our practice is seeking compensation for families who have lost a loved one on the road, and for individuals who are permanently disabled when someone crashes into them.

We know how a sudden death can turn a family upside down, emotionally and concerning future stability. Losing a loved one, a child or helpmate is the worst thing that can happen. It wipes out your vision of the future. Losing a loving helpmeet, a good provider, is as troubling.

Every year, over a thousand traffic deaths — the tragedy is that every single one of them could have been prevented.