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Truck driver arrested after fatal highway accident

All drivers are responsible for maintaining control over their vehicles when they take them out on Georgia roads and highways. That includes the drivers of large trucks, big rigs, delivery vans, and other commercial vehicles. Recently, a major incident occurred on a Georgia highway that was caused by the dangerous conduct of a truck driver.

The accident happened on Georgia Highway 316 and involved eight vehicles, total. Six cars were involved in the crash, as well as one van and the one large truck. During the incident, the driver of the truck failed to stop his rig in time and drove into the cars in front of him. His rig stopped on top of one of the cars and that car caught fire. The driver of that vehicle, a 61-year-old woman, died as a result of her injuries.

The driver of the truck now faces a variety of criminal charges, including vehicular manslaughter, for the victim's death. He is in jail with bail pending, and the rest of the parties involved in the accident are left to put their lives back together in the wake of his damaging and irresponsible conduct.

The family members of the deceased victim, however, will never be able to return to the lives that they once lived. They will never be able to fill the hole that the victim's death caused nor will they be able to find comfort in her peace and presence.

When truck, car, and other motor vehicle accidents cause innocent victims to lose their lives, the victims' surviving family members can often pursue compensation for their losses from the responsible parties through wrongful death and other personal injury legal claims. To learn more about these causes of action and paths to civil litigation interested readers can discuss their questions with personal injury attorneys in their communities.

Source:, "Truck driver charged in fatal eight vehicle wreck on Ga. Highway 316," Cailin O'Brien, June 21, 2017

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