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How Video Recordings are Changing Injury & Death Cases

As technology advances, so does an attorney's ability to prove/disprove your case. Today's personal injury lawyer must be prepared to investigate a serious injury or wrongful death case through all means available, including video recordings.

Below are a few of the sources which may provide video recordings and/or photographic evidence to support your case:

  • Dashcam videos. Most police vehicles have dashcam video recorders which can provide helpful evidence such as admissions by the driver that caused an accident, witness statements at the scene of an accident, a driver's field sobriety test, and other similar types of recordings. We can obtain dashcam video recordings by law enforcement by sending an open records request.
  • Bodycam videos. It is becoming more and more common for motorcycle riders, bicyclists, pedestrians and even law enforcement to wear body cameras. This type of evidence can show a judge or jury exactly what happened in the accident, including who was at fault in causing it.
  • Interior vehicle cameras. Many trucks and buses have cameras that record what occurs inside the vehicle. Similar to a security video camera in a store, companies use these recordings as evidence when the driver was not negligent. For a victim, these videos can also be used to support allegations that the driver was at fault in causing the accident.
  • Surveillance or security videos. If your accident occurred inside or near a business or other public building, it is likely that a surveillance camera recorded what happened. Security cameras are commonly used in banks, gas stations, shopping centers, ATM machines, etc. With this type of video, you can eliminate the other party's potential defenses on liability and streamline the settlement negotiations or focus litigation on damages only, which saves a significant amount of time and money.
  • Smartphones. Let's face it, when a major accident occurs it is common for witnesses to use their cell phone to take videos and photographs of it. Many times these videos and pictures end up on social media websites. Thus, a broad investigation for individuals who took recorded clips on their cell phone can be time-consuming, but rewarding if you find the piece of evidence that makes your case a slam-dunk.

If you've been injured in an auto accident that was not your fault you have the right to receive compensation. The attorneys of Murphy & Garner, LLC, have over 32 years of experience serving accident victims in western Georgia and the surrounding area. We will fight for your rights and get you the compensation you deserve. Call us today for a free consultation at (866) 942-0552 or (678) 563-1584.

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