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Even A Mild Brain Injury Can Increase Your Chances Of Death Within Years After Your Accident

In a previous blog, I discussed what a traumatic brain injury is and the effects it can have on your life. But did you know that even a mild brain injury can have serious effects on your life. Studies have already proven that survivors of mild traumatic brain injuries are more likely to develop alcohol and drug addiction problems than those who did not suffer a brain injury. Similarly, brain injury survivors are more likely to be angry, irritable, explosive and aggressive in inappropriate situations.

However, a new study shows that the survivors of even mild traumatic brain injuries are more likely to die within the first 15 years after their injury.

The study compared the mortality and morbidity rates of 2,430 individuals who had suffered a mild traumatic brain injury to an equal number of people who had never suffered a brain injury.

The results were surprising. Generally speaking, those who suffered a brain injury were more likely to die within 15 years after the accident than those who did not. But age was also an important factor. In younger adults (ages 15-54) who had a brain injury, they were 4.2 times more likely to die than those who had not suffered a brain injury. However, older adults (54 years of age and older) were only 1.4 times more likely to die.

The study did not consider factors such as lifestyle choices (drug/alcohol abuse) and changes in neuro pathology in explaining the results. However, logic dictates that risky lifestyle choices will increase the risk of death in both individuals who have suffered a mild brain injury and those who have not.

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