Road Rash: This Common Motorcycle Injury May Be More Significant Than You Think

by | Aug 21, 2015 | Firm News

Most motorcycle riders have experienced road rash after minor accidents. Because road rash is so common, you may be tempted to brush off the accident and ignore the injury.

However, road rash is not always a minor injury and can cause serious, lasting harm if it is not properly treated. When your injury is caused by someone else’s negligence, don’t assume that a common injury like road rash means that you don’t have the right to file a lawsuit for your injuries.

Road Rash Can Be Serious

Road rash is assessed in three degrees. First degree road rash is a relatively minor injury, because it does not break the skin. Second and third degree road rash do break the skin and can cause a serious infection.

With second degree road rash, the outer layers of your skin are scraped off by the friction of the road. There may be dirt or gravel stuck in the wound, which should be cleaned as soon as possible.

Third degree road rash is the most serious, and occurs when the injury is deep enough to expose the layer of fat beneath the skin. This type of injury should always be treated by a medical professional to prevent infection and further damage.

Second and third degree road rash can cause permanent tissue damage and scarring. If the wound is deep enough, there is the added risk of muscle and nerve damage. Since the road is not a sanitary surface, the risk of infection with these injuries is high.

Even if you think your injury doesn’t require medical treatment, you should visit a medical professional anyway. A doctor can assess the injury and let you know if it needs further treatment, or the doctor can prescribe medication to deal with the pain. Do not assume that road rash will heal on its own.

Consider a Lawsuit After Sustaining a Road Rash Injury

Injuries like road rash, which can cover a large portion of your body, could take weeks or months to heal. Treatment can also be expensive and ongoing, and your insurance company may refuse to pay for it.

Before even considering a settlement with an insurance company, speak with a motorcycle injury attorney. Your attorney can evaluate settlement offers, and ensure that any compensation you receive is enough to cover your injuries.

At Murphy & Garner, LLC our Georgia personal injury attorneys understand that someone else’s negligence shouldn’t be your financial burden. When you are injured, you need reimbursement for your medical expenses and compensation for your pain. Our attorneys fight for people injured in motorcycle accidents, and can help you protect your rights.

The attorneys at Murphy & Garner, LLC offer free consultations for injured people. To set up your appointment, call 678-563-1584 today.

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